End privatisation of the DLR!

SUPPORT THE DOCKLANDS STRIKERS! SHAREHOLDERS GET RICHER, BUT WORKERS & PUBLIC SUFFER OUTSOURCING TO BLAME YET AGAIN IN THE CHAOS OF PRIVATISATION The cleaners and security staff working on the Docklands Light Railway are back out on strike again in their continuing battle for fair pay, negotiated rostered hours and an end to numerous workplace … Continue reading End privatisation of the DLR!

Saudi warmonger warmly received by British masters

Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman, de facto ruler of Saudi Arabia and defense minister in charge of the war in Yemen, arrived in Britain on Wednesday for a three-day state visit, heralded by 300 billboards in the capital proclaiming that he is "bringing change to Saudi Arabia". Salman is obviously keen to discuss the … Continue reading Saudi warmonger warmly received by British masters

Hands off lecturers’ pensions

A decent pension for all workers is a right, not a privilege. View this leaflet as a pdf All workers should have a decent pension to support them in their retirement years, and university lecturers are no exception. This should be demanded as a right, not as a privilege to be granted or withheld. A … Continue reading Hands off lecturers’ pensions

Syria – the absolutely non-fake news

Addressing a packed meeting hosted by the London Region of the CPGB-ML on 31 January, Eva Bartlett, an independent journalist who has visited Syria several times, talked about what she saw there and provided accounts from many ordinary Syrian citizens. Bartlett focused on the media propaganda war against Syria, exposing the many egregious lies told … Continue reading Syria – the absolutely non-fake news