Marxist economics

Video: Economics 101 – capitalism (presentation by E Rule)

Value, Price and Profit (K Marx), 1865

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F Engels, Synopsis of Capital, 1867

K Marx, Wage Labour and Capital, 1847

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Imperialism, the highest stage of capitalism

Video: Imperialism and war (presentation by H Brar)

Video: Udham Singh and Bhagat Singh (poem by G Cremer)

Video: Fight for Queen and country? (speech by H Brar to the Durham Union) Part 1, Part 2

Video: Flowers and famine (speech by M Hassan)

Video: Water in Gaza (speech by M Zaytoun)

VI Lenin, Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism, 1916

H Brar, Imperialism – Decadent, Parasitic, Moribund Capitalism, 1997

H Brar, Imperialism and War, 2008

The capitalist economic crisis of overproduction

Monopoly capitalism staring into the abyss, Lalkar, March 2016

Which way forward in the economic crisis? CPGB-ML statement, March 2009

Economic crisis: no escape under capitalism, Proletarian, December 2008

Video: food crisis (presentation by E Rule)

Video: Capitalism can’t save the planet (speech by H Brar to the Oxford Union)

Video: Capitalism has failed (speech by H Brar to the Durham Union)

Video: Capitalist crisis (presentation by H Brar)

H Brar and E Rule, Imperialism and the Worst-Ever Crisis of Overproduction, 2013


Video: The economics of socialism (speech by T Rahman)

JV Stalin, Economic Problems of Socialism in the USSR, 1951