Well done to everyone who joined us to demonstrate against war in Syria on Friday. Comrades also held demonstrations across the country on Sunday in Brighton, Bristol, Leeds, and Manchester, and are joining many others. Although touted as a “one-off” strike to chide Assad for the fictional chemical attack in Douma, we know it is in reality one part in a long series of aggressions against not just the Syrian people, but against all nations that dare stand outside the sphere of western imperialism.

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We know that, unfortunately, the solution to war is not to be found in a big enough demonstration, a strongly-worded petition, nor the prospect of an ‘anti-war’ government, as no such thing is permissable while we live under imperialism. It is clear that a wide section of the British population are becoming increasingly skeptical of our government and our media. The opportunity to bring our message to workers and point them in the direction of our class enemy has not been so clear in a long time.

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Victory in Eastern Ghouta!

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) have just liberated the last terrorist-occupied areas in eastern Ghouta, where life is slowly returning to normal after years of brutal occupation by the sadistic western-backed jihadis, who had been using men, women, and children as human shields.

The British ruling class, and all western imperialists, however, view an independent Syria as an obstacle. Not only does it have natural resources and people to exploit, destroying the Syrian government will further isolate Palestine and Iran, and ultimately Russia and China.

So, instead of celebrating this victory over terrorism, British and other imperialists have now dreamed up a fake ‘chemical weapons attack on his own people by the evil Assad’ story, despite there being no logical rationale for any such attack. This dangerous situation is exactly like the Dodgy Dossier, which lied about Saddam having weapons of mass destruction to justify invading Iraq

It’s because of this fakery that the Nato countries on the UN Security Council vetoed a UN resolution for an independent investigation into the concocted chemical attack at Douma and why they don’t want to wait for the UN’s Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons to make a report. The British government have also created the dodgy Skripal case to encourage hostility towards Russia, again promising us that they have evidence while revealing none.Rather than refuting these lies and celebrating the role of Russia and Iran in helping to liberate Syria, the spineless social-democrats of Stop the War Coalition have condemned them, as well as Assad, for fighting these western-backed terrorists! While StW is busy mobilising for a Labour government, shadow cabinet members have backed a vote for war!

If we really want to stop war, we must get rid of all those who pose as ‘friends of the people’ while binding our movement to the war chariot of imperialism. A real anti-war movement must take as its central demands:

No cooperation with imperialist war; victory to the resistance!

Nato criminals
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