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No war with Syria! No war with Russia!

Stand up against war, before it’s too late! Britain is playing a dangerous game that could see us plunged into WWIII. Keen to find a way to reverse the gains of the Syrian patriotic forces, who have succeeded in liberating the last terrorist-occupied areas in Eastern Ghouta where life is slowly returning to normal after years of brutal occupation, British and other imperialists have dreamed up yet another ‘chemical weapons attack on his own people by the evil Assad’ story, despite there being no proof of, and no rationale for, any such attack.

Independent investigations into the alleged incident have been rejected by the US, UK, and France. Meanwhile, the fact that all previous such allegations have been proved false, and the fact that the terrorists are known to have been provided both with chemical weapons and with chemical weapons training, is conveniently forgotten by the warmongering media fraternity.

It is clear that, despite this, our government, along with the US and France, is keen to invade Syria, and by proxy, start a war with Russia

Despite never gaining enough support to launch airstrikes against the sovereign nation of Syria in 2015, the British government has been funding ‘rebels’ (i.e. terrorists) in an effort to destabilise the country. The reasoning for this is transparent, and is the same reason NATO alliance members invaded Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and dozens of other countries over the past two decades: control of resources and elimination of opposition.

Small-scale incursions into Syria by the US and Israel to support the terrorist ‘rebels’ have not been successful, and NATO governments are looking to make good on their investment in the destruction of an independent Syria.

Any nation that stands independent from western banks and markets is considered a threat. Tens of billions of pounds were seized from Libya during the invasion while the British government sponsored the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, the organisation linked to the terrorist attack in Manchester (the LIFG would later turn up in Syria with £5m), not to mention the significant oil wealth of the country. Libya was the most prosperous country in Africa, proposing to implement a pan-African currency for trade and development, and now it is occupied by several warring factions and hosts chattel slavery markets of black Africans.

It is a similar story in every other country that has been invaded by NATO. Using lies and manipulation (e.g. “Iraq has weapons of mass destruction!”) these countries are destroyed and plundered under the false pretexts of humanitarianism, democracy, and freedom.

This time, however, the stakes are much higher. Russia has been supporting the Syrian people against the western-backed terrorists, and several other nations, including China, have indicated that they will oppose a NATO invasion.

Join us outside Downing Street, 6pm, Friday 13 April, to show that there is public opposition to the growing bellicose threats of war.

No war with Syria! No war with Russia! Make your voice heard!

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