The London Worker reproduces below the CPGB-ML statement on the recent Constituent Assembly election in Venezuela. It is important to remember that the working class have no country, and that we must support our fellow workers in whatever ways we can.

BBC VZ Protest
Comrades protesting the BBC’s coverage of Venezuela earlier last month. Read & print our leaflet on the propaganda war: War on Venezuela: end the media bias!

Britain, an imperialist nation, not only wages war directly against independent and socialist nations, and sells arms to oppressive regimes such as Saudi Arabia, it also produces a huge amount of propaganda to support global imperialist aims, and as such has been creating and spreading misinformation to support the violent and reactionary Venezuelan opposition. Download our leaflet on Venezuela and the Constituent Assemby.

The Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist) congratulates the people of Venezuela, the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, and its President Nicolás Maduro for the stunning victory over the forces of reaction achieved through the Constituent Assembly election of 31 July 2017.  41% of the electorate, a higher percentage than has turned out to vote in any election since the Revolution, braved the violence and threats of US-imperialist financed thugs in order to cast their votes overwhelmingly for a new Constituent Assembly designed to deliver even more meaningful democracy to the ordinary working people of Venezuela.

There may be former ‘friends’ of the Bolivarian Revolution in some countries who take fright at the violence perpetrated by the opposition and their economic sabotage which has caused hardship for the Venezuelan people.  For our part we fully understand that the exploiting classes will not retire from the scene peacefully and quietly.  They are always the ones to resort to the most violent methods to preserve their wealth and privileges and that they will not respect any election result that brings in a government committed to serious redistribution of wealth in favour of ensuring that the poor receive at least the basic necessities of life.  With massive financial resources and control of most of the media of communication, the rich local bourgeoisie and their imperialist masters stop at nothing to preserve their privileges, including mass killing and extreme violent intimidation. With the first whiff of counter-revolutionary gunpowder, those who always dreamt of a peaceful road to socialism are only too likely to scuttle to the side of imperialism and reaction.

The enthusiasm shown by the Venezuelan masses for the Constituent Assembly proves their willingness to take the Bolivarian revolution to the next stage – the stage of breaking the power of the comprador bourgeoisie to wage economic and political warfare against the Venezuelan people.  The struggle will undoubtedly be hard, but with a correct leadership, loyal armed forces and the strength of the masses united around the leadership, victory is certain.  El pueblo unido jamás será vencido.